By: Chris Brasure

The Important Documents Needed To Help A TBI Victim


The documents that are needed to help a TBI victim are going to make a big difference in organizing the care for the person that has the TBI. Here’s an example:

About a year ago, we were helping a family whose son was tragically killed. While we were helping them, this young man’s mom was very organized not just for herself, but for children. She actually had most, if not all, of the documents that were needed.

It was incredibly helpful because her son had insurance money that was received a lot faster because all the right information was provided to us. So, what are the documents needed?

  • Social Security Card
    • First is the social security cards which is a little blue card that everybody should have.
  • Insurance Info
    • You will need any health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance info that you have. The rule of thumb is if it has the TBI victim’s name on it, and it’s an insurance policy, keep it because it’s going to be helpful.
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
    • If you don’t have a copy of the birth certificate, then usually, you can go to the county where the person was born and request a certified copy of the birth certificate.
  • School Records
    • These may be helpful for the medical and rehabilitation professionals to figure out what they call the baseline of the person which is the TBI victims functioning before the acquired brain injury.
  • Work Records
    • If possible, you need to gather work records for the victim at the time of the brain injury and even a few years before this occurred.
  • Tax Return
    • There may be some tax issues related to income, received treatment, etc.
  • Bank Statements
    • Even if it is just one page of the bank statement. This can help determine where the person was banking and help whoever is going to make financial decisions.
  • Accident Report
    • Sometimes you may be able to get a report of the accident from the police or OSHA. Regardless, try to get any reports available on the incident.

By Chris Brasure

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