By: Chris Brasure

Slip and Fall Accidents and Property

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident can occur even when you are injured on another person’s property. In some instances, a slip and fall may have occurred as the direct result of the property owner’s negligence. Some factors are needed to determine if a property owner is negligent and an experienced personal injury attorney is needed to help present any evidence to assist with this determination. A slip and fall attorney is skilled in this type of lawsuit and will know how to proceed with your case, if there is a case to proceed with at all. If you are injured on someone’s property, you need to first consider your surroundings. Were you injured in someone’s home? Were you in injured in a store? Were you injured in a government building? No matter where you were injured, the extent of the injury is going to determine if you have a case at all. If you only have a bump or bruise, then a lawsuit will not be taking place. However, if you have seriously injured yourself like an infection or a broken bone or worse, you could be a candidate for compensation. You will want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They will need to know the location of the accident to determine who is liable and also what the building codes are and what laws govern that property.

Slip and fall accidents happen with surprising regularity, and when it comes to personal injury law as a whole, few areas present more complicated technicalities than these types of accidents. As a result, anyone who’s been injured in this situation needs the help of an experienced Texas slip and fall lawyer. Below is an explanation of the role that these professionals play on behalf of their clients:

Understanding the Technicalities

One of the first questions that a Texas injury attorney will be able to answer for a client is the legal status of the injured client when he or she was injured. There are different types of statuses, including invitee, licensee, and trespasser, and each of them involves different rights and duties of the person who is supposed to keep his or her property safe for visitors.

Exploring the Possibility of a Fair Settlement

After a slip and fall lawyer has defined the client’s legal status, they can and should explore the possibility of a fair settlement. If the defendant is at fault and his or her attorney is reasonable, a settlement is always a better solution if the amount involved is fair, as the situation will be resolved in a shorter amount of time.

Making Sure Your Interests Are Protected

If it becomes apparent that a fair settlement will not be possible, a personal injury attorney should have the skills necessary to know that he or she will not hesitate to take a matter to trial if needed to obtain a proper level of compensation for an injured client. There are cases where a slip and fall lawyer may need to proceed to this juncture, and a solid representative will know when to make this recommendation.

Presenting a Compelling Case

If the case goes to trial, an experienced slip and fall lawyer will be able to help a jury understand this complicated area of law so that a proper decision can be made. This involves knowledge, persuasiveness and the ability to get people to see things the right way. Overall, if you have been injured on someone else’s property, and you were legally on the site, you need to seek the help of an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Texas who understands what it takes to obtain justice for their injured clients.

By Chris Brasure

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