By: Chris Brasure

How To Prevent Electrical Injuries

Personal Injury

Injury of a Worker or Employee

With the proper safety measures and gears, electrical injuries can be avoided. But, the fact cannot be denied that work-related electrical injuries are currently on the rise in Texas. It was discovered that most of these injuries were a result of the negligence of the employer. Fortunately, in Texas, almost every on-the-job injury is covered by the workers’ compensation laws of this state. But, the provided benefits most of the times are insufficient. Hence, it is highly recommended that electrical injuries cases should be handled by an experienced law firm with work injury attorneys. This is because it is their job to find out, through investigation, whether a third party can be held additionally responsible for any electrical injury or death by electrocution.

Injury of an Individual

Besides the on-the-job injuries, there are many cases seen in Texas where a normal citizen had an electrical injury due to the negligence of the electrical companies. Every electrical company in Texas is well aware of the dangers that electrical injuries have on an individual. Hence, there are some basic duties which all electrical companies in the state of Texas should abide by, and they are as follows:

-Fix any power lines that have been damaged or knocked down by an accident or a natural cause like a storm
-Fix lags in power lines
-Prevent power lines from running too close to a residential area
-Proper installation and also maintenance of the wires

If the electrical companies fail to exercise these duties, and if that leads to an electrical accident, then by the laws of the state of Texas, they can be held responsible.

Different Types of Electrical Injuries Cases

In Texas, experienced personal injury law firms with skilled attorneys can handle an electrical injury case that involves any one of the following:

-Substandard wiring
-Non-insulated wiring
-Failure or inadequate method to provide electrical warnings
-Failure to provide tag out/lockout protection
-Power line related incidents
-Inadequate training
-OSHA safety regulation violations
-Construction related cases
-Employer’s/Contractor’s negligence

In any one of these cases, the law requires that any sort of evidence be provided and thus it is recommended that a person should immediately contact their attorney. A witness can be treated as evidence, and in cases related to product liability, the equipment that caused the accident can be treated as evidence after the proper evaluation and/or examination. Besides these, medical reports are also very much needed in a case related to electrical injury or death.

Injury to A Consumer

In Texas, for several years now, electrical injuries are being caused due to defective products. Machinery equipment that violates SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), lack of safety features, lack of proper guards, malfunction of valves or presence of any defective parts can lead to an electrical accident/injury. Similarly, using defective household products that are defective such as a kitchen appliance, power tool, and such others can also lead to an electrical injury.

In both of these cases, the designers, manufacturers or the distributors can be held responsible for the electrical injury caused by the defective product. They are responsible for providing proper compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering (both physical and mental), loss of present and future earnings and any other such others problems that affect the victim and/or family of the victim.

By Chris Brasure

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