By: Chris Brasure

Pets & TBI Therapy

Personal Injury

Today, let’s talk about pets and traumatic brain injuries. Now my pet’s name is Owen. He’s a French bulldog. Owen and I are here to talk about the benefits of having a pet if you’re a TBI patient.


Pets As Therapy

Now, we all know that pets can bring joy and happiness to a family. But did you also know that in recent studies, like in the Science Daily last year, pets actually can be an important part of therapy. That’s right. In one recent study for example, pets were included in the therapy of a traumatic brain injury patient. And you know what? They actually did better. The study found that if you include pets, not only will it increase the mood or improve the mood of the traumatic brain injury patient, it would also increase the motivation for the traumatic brain injury patient to get treatment and get therapy.


The Impacts Of Pets On TBI Victims

They also found that there was more social engagement when you involve pets. And so in addition to pets being part of the family and bringing joy to your family and a TBI patient, they may also have benefits for use in therapy. And so I would encourage you to reach out and see if that’s available in your area. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to share with the group or message me privately. And if we can’t help you out, then maybe we can point you in the right direction.

By Chris Brasure

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