By: Chris Brasure

Personality Changes from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)



Common Changes In Personality For TBI Victims

One of the most common personality changes you can notice occurs in conversations. For example, the way that a person speaks, whether they stop and start conversations kind of abruptly and randomly, or maybe what they say is random or can even be considered rude, outrageous, or inappropriate. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the traumatic brain injury victim is a rude person, it’s just a part of the traumatic brain injury.

The other thing you may notice is in the middle of a conversation, the traumatic brain injury victim may become upset or suddenly enraged. Again, it doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person, it’s just a problem with the traumatic brain injury and how that person is reacting or trying their best in the conversation.

A few years ago, we had a gentleman come to me for help, who was involved in a trucking crash. What his family had noticed is that during conversations, when he would get confused, particularly when he was driving and they were talking, this gentleman would get really upset, and there would be a huge blow up.

Fortunately, we were able to diagnose that this person had a traumatic brain injury and get him some help. During this process, his family was able to learn and implement some strategies to try to help deal with those specific situations.


Developing Tactics That Help TBI Victims And Their Family

For example, this gentleman had an 18-year-old son and so the family decided that when they would travel or when the gentleman would need to go somewhere that when possible, the 18-year-old son would be the one driving. That way a situation wouldn’t develop where the TBI victim would get confused about where they’re going and then get upset, which resulted in no fights.


There Is Help Available

That was one example of a strategy that the family came up to cope with their loved one that had a traumatic brain injury. If you have experienced a similar situation yourself or with a loved one, feel free to download any of the resources from my Facebook group.

if you would like to talk more about what you’re experiencing, feel free to send me an email, and I’d be happy to have a strategy session with you. if we can’t help you, then we can point you in the right direction to where your family may be able to get some help with these common everyday situations that affect traumatic brain injury victims.

By Chris Brasure

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