By: Chris Brasure

Monitoring A TBI Patient WHILE Using Social Distancing


We’ve been hearing a lot about social distancing requirements recently, along with concerns about getting vulnerable people sick with the Covid-19 virus or the flu or anything else.  And right now, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about how you can take care of somebody, with, for example, a traumatic brain injury, without actually being there.

And while that is difficult, there’s one idea I thought of that I have actually used for a family member of mine where I was able to monitor that family member to make sure that they were safe.


A solution that has worked for me

It’s a system called Ring. You start with a camera that you can buy at Best Buy. That’s where I bought mine. And Walmart probably sells it too. They’re not cheap but it’s a lot less expensive than hiring a security company or hiring somebody to live in.

Once you have your camera, you basically set it up on Wi-Fi, and you download the app onto your phone.  I downloaded the app onto my own device. That will allow you to monitor the person 24/7.


The Ring set-up

When you set up the Ring, you can see that there are four different cameras. And you can just pull it up. As long as you have Wi-Fi on your phone, you can monitor what’s going on. That’s really worked out well for me. I was able to see what was going on with my loved one.


What you should do

I know I’m talking about Ring, but there are probably other companies. I would encourage you to look around and shop for the one that has the best price and is best suited for you. But I know that this particular camera worked well for my family.

So I just wanted to give a solution that can help if somebody has a concern and they’re caring for somebody with a traumatic brain injury. This can help you monitor them without getting close enough to get them sick. I hope this helps.

By Chris Brasure

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