By: Chris Brasure

The Insurance Adjuster’s Role In A Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury

In the state of Texas, when you are making a personal injury claim, you might sometimes have to settle your claim with the insurance company of the other party who has committed the negligence. In order to fully understand the reason why you have been awarded a given amount once you make a claim, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the insurance adjuster’s role in a personal injury case.

    1. Insurance adjusters determine the amount to be paid to the claimant

The insurance adjusters are charged with the role of gathering as much information as possible about a personal injury case. The information that they will be interested in will range from mere simple to extremely complex facts about the personal injury case, in addition to the injuries suffered by the claimant. This comes in handy when determining the actual worth of the claim. In so doing, they ensure that the amount compensated is not too much as they endeavor to make sure the insurance company which they are affiliated with remains profitable.

    1. Insurance adjustersnegotiate with the claimant for an out of court settlement

At some point, many individuals might be unsatisfied with the laid out terms, thus opting to hire a personal injury attorney and go to court. This is not a pleasant scenario for an insurance company since the jury can order an individual to be compensated an amount much higher than the insurance company want to offer. Therefore, insurance adjusters try their very best to persuade a claimant to have an out of court settlement to avoid the tough scrutiny that is involved with a jury. Further, insurance adjusters know very well that once a claimant files a lawsuit, the insurance company will additionally incur a lot of costs in terms of legal fees.

    1. Insurance adjusterspropose an offer

Insurance adjusters carefully assess the damages caused to the claimant which are important in deciding the amount an insurance company should pay. For example, they assess current and future costs that the claimant will incur such as medical costs, psychological damages suffered, among others. They also propose an offer based on the weight of the personal injury claim. For instance, if a claimant suffered greatly as a result of an unqualified medical practitioner, the insurance adjuster will ensure the insurance company pays a relatively large amount of money. This is because they very well known that such a claim will attract a huge amount of compensation if the claimant decides to file a lawsuit.

    1. Insurance adjustersfor the certification of a claim

Insurance adjusters request to be furnished with documents concerning the claim such as those of property destruction, medical expenses, and more before it is settled by the insurance company. This is achieved by writing to claimants or their personal injury attorneys. After receiving the documents, the insurance adjusters will keenly read through to ensure the information presented is accurate. In addition, this helps them to correctly determine the worth of the claim.

By Chris Brasure

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