By: Chris Brasure

Hope Remains After Injury

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Let’s talk today a little bit about hope. And what I mean specifically is some information that I came across that I thought was helpful and I wanted to share with you.


A Change In Perspective

Now, as I was looking over and doing some research, I came across an interesting, hopeful fact. Now, it’s from the Brain Injury Association of America. And did you know that following the first nine months of recovery, time is no longer an indicator of recovery? What that means is after the first nine months, whether somebody has been struggling for another year or another 10 years, doing the right activities and finding the proper therapies to treat your symptoms means that you can still recover. And that was such a surprise and such hopeful news because so many of the people that I talk to feel like after the first nine months or after the first short period of time after a traumatic brain injury, they’re set and they can’t do anything to improve with therapy or anything like that. But that’s actually not true.


Moving Forward

The key is to find the proper therapies to treat the symptoms. And so I would encourage you to just keep trying. If you’ve found therapies or you’ve tried therapies that don’t work, rather than just giving up, keep trying. Because you can always improve despite what some people think. After nine months, you’re set and you’re done. You’re not. And so I’d encourage you to keep looking for those treatments and not lose hope. And if there’s a bad day that you’re having, a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year, that’s okay. Because what we’re looking for is progress, not perfection.


And so if you have any comments, feel free to share them with the group or any input, therapies that you found that are helpful. We’d love to hear about it. If you have any questions or you want to message me privately, feel free to.

By Chris Brasure

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