By: Chris Brasure

Do I Have a Concussion?

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I’m Chris Brasure. Today, let’s talk about whether or not you or a loved one has a concussion. And the way I want to do that is by telling you about some of the top symptoms that doctors say can show that your loved one or you may have a concussion. Here are six of them.


Six concussion symptoms

  1. A headache or pressure in the head.
  2. Ear ringing.
  3. Blurred vision where you can’t really see, like it gets blurry for no reason.
  4. Vomiting or extreme nausea.
  5. Fatigue or drowsiness is also a sign that you or your loved one may have a concussion.
  6. Irritability and sudden mood changes.


50% of concussions aren’t reported

According to some of the recent medical literature I’ve read, almost 50% of concussions aren’t reported or the person who suffered the concussion doesn’t get medical treatment because they don’t know. According to the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms that we talked about typically subside after a day or two, but they can last longer.

And most of the time, the symptoms go away within a month. But on some occasions, people can develop post-concussion syndrome, which sometimes becomes a permanent problem.


Be sure to see a doctor

If you have any of these symptoms, the Mayo Clinic and other experts say that you really need to see a doctor to follow up. You need to know about the diagnosis and possible treatment options if you have a concussion. I hope this has been helpful.

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By Chris Brasure

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