By: Chris Brasure

Common Mechanical Errors That Cause Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck driving is usually a technical job that requires soberness, experience, and discipline in order for a truck driver to stay alert and prevent themselves from causing accidents. The accidents that involve trucks are often times fatal especially when another automobile collides with the truck. But what are the common mechanical errors that cause these truck accidents? Can a truck accident law firm help?

Common Mechanical Errors That Cause Truck Accidents

There are many mechanical errors that lead to a truck being involved in an accident, and they include but are not restricted to ones stated here below:

Maintenance of the trucks – if a truck or semi truck faces engine failure, brake malfunctions, tire bursts or any other mechanical problems, it has the potential to cause a very terrible accident. Therefore, it is usually advised that the companies that own these trucks must do regular inspections of the trucks and in some areas, the law stipulates a daily inspection of the trucks such as in the state of Texas. Brake failure accounts for the biggest percentage of truck or semi-truck accidents claiming thousands of lives every year. Brake failures could be caused by several factors including truck driver errors, poor road conditions, defective brake parts, improper loading of the truck and poor vehicle maintenance among other issues.

These are some of the things a truck driver and the supervisor should cooperate on and do, with the most important aspect being inspecting the truck’s mechanical condition before commencing any journey. If the case can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the brakes did fail, then the truck carrier can be held responsible for that accident and should take the necessary compensation procedures according to the law. The truck may be maintained mechanically but just a small error in how the brakes should be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications or having an unequally distributed cargo can be a factor. It is usually advisable to change and inspect brake pads often to ensure that the brakes are on point.

Packaged cargo- sometimes the people that are given the responsibility to load the truck with the cargo to be transported can load it in an insecure way. It could be out of time constraints, or lack of enough training on how to evenly distribute that cargo weight on the truck because the truck carries a heavy load for a long distance and moves at high speed, therefore improper and insecure loading can cause an accident.

Cases involving a truck or a semi truck are quite sensitive and it’s not advisable to face the truck company individually because they usually have a well-prepared legal team working for them, in the event their trucks cause any accidents. It is vital to seek legal assistance from a well-experienced truck accident attorney, especially if you or your loved one has been directly or indirectly affected by a truck accident.

These truck accident attorneys help clients from beginning to end and help their clients file their cases while working to prove fault upon the truck being the cause of the injury. Determining how brake failure occurred or any other mechanical error, as well as who was responsible is a crucial part of these truck accident cases and in order for a victim to be fairly compensated, an experienced truck accident attorney on your side is a must.

By Chris Brasure

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