By: Chris Brasure

The Best Restaurants in McAllen


When it comes to eating in McAllen, Texas, the choices are amazing!  Go exploring these dinner locations and join the crowds of reviews that brag about the local cuisine.

The Patio on Guerra

Located in the historic section of McAllen, The Patio on Guerra gets rave reviews for its atmosphere, service, and food!  The variety of food is one of the things that makes The Patio the “go-to” place when you want a special dinner celebration.  Live guitar music builds the perfect ambience.  Visit The Patio the next time you’re looking for a great dining experience.


Farm to Table meets fine dining at Salt.  Everything tastes fresh and healthy and is locally sourced.  A nice selection of meats, all well prepared and delicious, whether you order duck, lamb, pork, shrimp, or rabbit.  The chef’s bar is a nice twist.  You can sit and interact with the chefs while they are cooking and preparing meals.  If you’re looking for something special, go and have a wonderful dinner at Salt.

Santa Fe Steakhouse

What would a trip to McAllen, Texas be without a visit to a top-notch steakhouse?  A visit to Santa Fe Steakhouse will take your visit to McAllen to a whole new level!  Santa Fe hits the trifecta… great food, nice atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff.  This is another great place to take someone for a real treat.

El Divino

There’s nothing “fast” about this food.  Come to El Divino in McAllen when you want a dining experience and have plenty of time to enjoy it.  All the food is excellent at El Divino, but the seafood is their specialty.  They have a fantastic selection of small plates, which is handy if you want to try a lot of different selections.  Lots of good reviews about the music as well.

The Centennial

You’ll love the ambience in this saloon type dining experience in McAllen.  The food is excellent, and the reviews are out of this world.  This would be a fine place to go for a special occasion.  The live music is popular and enjoyable.  When you go, try the cigar box salmon.

Alberico Fine Wine

Alberico Fine Wine in McAllen, TX has put a twist on their service.  While dining, you can order wine by the glass, or you can buy a bottle from their cellar, or BOTH!  A wine lover’s paradise, really.  The food is quite delicious, and the owner is known to sit in with customers and chat.   When you go for a visit, try the creme brulee.  It’s really something special.

Fromage Bistro and Wine Lounge

When you are in the mood for some fine French Food, take a trip to Fromage Bistro and Wine Lounge.  The menu offers some exotic meats to enjoy, but be sure and save room for dessert.  Chocolate fondue or crepes seem to be the way to go.  Try Fromage for an intimate date night.

Decisions, Decisions

Well, there you have it.  Seven restaurant recommendations, one for each night of the week.  When you’re in McAllen, there’s no shortage of great eateries and fine dining!

By Chris Brasure

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