By: Chris Brasure

5 Games For Brain Injury Victims And Their Families


Did you know there are five awesome, fun and inexpensive games that you can play with TBI patients that can be fun for the family without adding to the stress of what is already a stressful situation?

Go Fish

The first one is Go Fish and it’s a stack of cards that you can buy at Walmart. It is fairly inexpensive, and the instructions are very easy.


The second one is Uno, which is another card game that you should be able to buy at Walmart or a local store.

Uno is great because it engages some of their cognitive abilities with numbers and adding, but at a real basic level.


The third one is a card game called Golf. It’s very simple, straightforward, and it’s not too difficult to play.

If you are unsure or have questions on how to play any of these card games, you can google them, or even email me, and I’d be happy to explain how to play any of these card games.


The fourth one is Jenga which is pretty popular and involves building blocks that you pull out.


The fifth one is Scrabble. This one is a little bit more complicated than the other games, but Scrabble is great because it requires spelling words, and it’s competitive, but not too competitive.

How Do These Games Help TBI Victims?

I would encourage you to try any of these, and even if you just try it once, keep trying until you figure out which one works best for the brain injury victim. It is great because it engages the traumatic brain injury victims’ mind. Also, if done in a family setting, it can be helpful for the whole family because you will all be having a good time.

If there is some awesome, fun, and inexpensive game that has worked for your family or your loved one, I encourage you to share that with the group.

By Chris Brasure

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